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Who might, possibly, be friends with Selena Gomez.* *There’s photographic evidence that she’s mates with Gigi Hadid (they spent New Year’s Eve 2015 together in Dubai), so they at least hang out in the same circle.To ask that we make that even smaller by setting any ex of a friend off limits is pretty unfair, especially considering that one of the major ways we meet potential dates is through our friends. A bit of crossover is inevitable, and while it may seem noble to deny all attraction for the sake of a mate, it just isn’t realistic – we’re human, we’re horny, and we can very rarely help the fact that we find another human attractive.If it didn’t work out with your friend, what’s the issue?

Cute, you may think, except the pictures have sparked an online furore because The Weeknd only just got out of a long-term relationship with Selena’s pal, Bella Hadid. Two writers explain why they think you should go ahead – or stop and think about what you’re doing… Selena Gomez shouldn’t be shamed for daring to hook up with someone who was previously hooking up with someone she knows – even if that someone is a friend (which remains to be seen. It is, quite frankly, a little ridiculous to expect people to never, ever be interested in anyone who’s dated someone they know.

Bella Hadid’s fame came quickly, but she’s not letting it go to her head.

“I don’t walk down the street like, “I’m famous.” It’s still weird to me when people ask for pictures,” the model told Glamour in her new cover shoot.

He was her favorite competition horse, she explained, "my main, my ride or die," but her family sold him after her Lyme disease diagnosis forced her to give up her goal of training for the Olympics.

Bella has been open about her battle with Lyme disease, an infection caused by a tick bite that is treatable but can trigger severe health consequences; mom Yolanda Hadid also suffered from the disease.

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Yes, it’d be nice if people had chats to check if everything’s okay, discussed their emotions, and ensured the relationship progresses without hurting anyone involved. And I’m tired of over-simplified, generalised rules like ‘NEVER date a friend’s ex, EVER’ preventing people from enjoying fulfilling dating lives.

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