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We’ve engaged in the activity thinking it forms relationships, but in fact it has broken down relationships.

“Those thoughts and feelings from other relationships are hard to move on from.Shelby also shared his thoughts on how sex has influenced divorce and how he has noticed a large number of people divorcing.“Divorce is at a higher rate now because we go off of the physical as a test of marriage, versus the old fashioned ‘lets establish a relationship and meet who you are, who your family is, and what are your professional aspirations?’ All of a sudden, the first thought that comes to the head is ‘how good are you in bed? Shelby said it’s not just the younger generation that is struggling with the issue of premarital sex, but there are older people who have never been married and have done everything but commit to a marriage.Maurice Taylor, 52, is a follower of Christ by faith and also believes in the sanctity of sex within a marriage.“As a Christian I believe (premarital sex) is wrong.

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