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With the number of online dating sites grows the number of scammers who operate on those sites.

They are created because more and more foreigners want to find a Russian wife.If you've never met Russian women personally and know only general facts about them, then your idea about these ladies must be pretty vague.Some men think that they are cold and severe just like the weather in the northern regions of Russia.Those men who have communicated with Russian girls, dated or even married one, can easily prove the contrary.Yes, these girls may seem unapproachable at first sight but once you get to know them better, you'll realize that they are friendly, open-minded, and undeniably charming.

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  1. "To do that, we had to create neural network machine learning capable of within seconds finding anything inappropriate." In addition, users are required to submit their age before they use the app, but there's no way to verify that you are how old you say you are either.