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Sometimes the personification is in the background, in the many feature-based roundups that casually refer to Alexa as “one of the family” and “somebody to talk to” without quotation marks.Sometimes it jumps out, as in this particularly entertaining review about .

There is a sizable population of people who are building emotional attachments to the character.Tunstall-Pedoe declined to share any examples of emotional attachments developing between Alexa and customers, though. User interaction is bound to be a sensitive topic, especially with data privacy high on the agenda around products for the connected home.Plus, the technology isn’t designed to encourage intimate conversations.While the Echo itself seems unlikely to inspire a type scenario, it does demonstrate the kind of rapport that can be generated when users feel understood, especially via a speech interface.It makes me wonder when we’ll start seeing voice-enabled systems offer deeper, more personal conversations.

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Tunstall-Pedoe told me that when designing Alexa’s personality, the team’s aim was to create “a warm feeling” in the consumer, particularly through the use of social rather than merely functional linguistic patterns.

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