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File dating

Basically I'm thinking of it giving me a single executable file that does something like unzips itself to maybe /temp and runs. It does this by packing all the needed shared libs into the executable, and unpacking them before it runs, just as you describe (EDIT: py2exe also has this feature, see minty's answer) I use the version of Py Installer from svn, since the latest release (1.3) is somewhat outdated.

I have used Inno Setup ( with delight for several years and for commercial programs, so I heartily recommend it.First I tried converting all my images into bitmats and then all my data files into text strings.but this caused the final exe to be very very large.You should create an installer, as mentioned before.Even though it is also possible to let py2exe bundle everything into a single executable, by setting bundle_files option to 1 and the zipfile keyword argument to None, I don't recommend this for Py GTK applications.

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I' ve modified the build_file as you said but when I go into the file and I write It created a directory containing the exe file and the libraries needed.

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