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Live sex chat littli frinds group

So, for example, if three people are interviewing someone, you can choose to mute the three interviewers and just listen to the answers from the interview subject. It's not difficult to imagine a live political debate between four people using Blab, all while commenters on the right side of the streams add commentary, questions and "feels" (indicating who might be winning the debate).

The dynamic is already working for several users who have started regular video shows on the site, with a rotating list of video chat guests (a feat that once presented significant technical challenges).

The app's popularity component is important, because Blab also gives you the ability to mute any or all of the four video chatters.

Currently, there are there are only two topic channels: Tech and General.

But there's already a fair bit of activity on both, with a growing list of archived Blabs near the bottom of the home page.

When a new video chatter attempts to join the four-person chat, the creator of a Blab can choose to accept or deny entry.

And as the video chat plays out, the moderator can let the live chat disappear into the ether when it's over, or hit record to save the chat for others to view later.

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The video and sound quality aren't pristine, but they're good enough for as much detail as you'd need for a casual chat.