Mandating direct deposit in arizona

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If your case is enforced by the Department of Child Support Services you can print out the form; however you will need to mail the completed form with all required documentation to: AZ Support Distribution Unit Attn: EPC Unit PO Box 36626 Phoenix, Arizona 85067-6626 Effective December 1, 1998, unless the court has ordered otherwise, all support payments are made payable and processed by the Support Clearinghouse.The Support Payment Clearinghouse receives and disburses all monies, including fees and costs associated with support and maintenance payments.Because employee payroll laws vary from state to state, employers with operations in multiple states must be sure to comply with the laws of the particular state in which it is doing business.Should you have any questions about these recent changes to the Michigan wage payment act or how to implement them, or should you have questions about any other labor or employment-related matter, please contact any member of Warner Norcross & Judd LLP’s Labor & Employment Practice Group.Please contact your local Clerk’s Office for your ATLAS number or your case worker at the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS).If you are self-employed and/or do not have a court ordered Income Withholding Order through your employer and/or are waiting for your employer to process the Income Withholding Order, you must mail your payments to the Support Payment Clearinghouse: Support Payment Clearinghouse PO Box 52107 Phoenix, Arizona 85072-2107 Checks and/or Money Orders are made payable to the Support Clearinghouse and Arizona i Pay Online A convenient, secure and easy way for individuals and employers to schedule and make child support payments via the web using funds from their bank account(s).If the Custodial parent does not sign up for an electronic payment card (EPC) or direct deposit after two (2) live checks have been issued, the Support Clearinghouse will automatically send out a “Bank of America” electronic payment card to the address of record. Payments can be deposited in your checking or savings account. Modify Electronic Payment Card or Direct Deposit You must complete a new Electronic Payment Authorization/Direct Deposit Form. Do not change your account or cancel your card until payments have applied to your new account or you have activated your new card.

A case is considered non IV-D if neither party to the case has received cash assistance (i.e.A case is considered a IV-D case if either party to the case receives cash assistance (i.e.AFDC or TANF) and/or has applied for State Services (i.e.Establishes Paternity, Establishes or Enforces Support) - contact your case worker at 520.251.5900.If child support or spousal support is ordered through a divorce, custody or paternity case and is not being enforced by the DES Division of Child Support Services, your case is a Non IV-D case.

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For years, Michigan employers hoping to do away with traditional paper paychecks have asked whether they could require employees to receive their pay via direct deposit or payroll debit cards and for years, the answer was "no." That changed on December 21, 2010, when the State of Michigan adopted modifications to the Payment of Wages and Fringe Benefits Act.

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