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You looked up, startled, when you felt an arm around you, only to see Heather. “Well, we’ll ride in back together then.” “Alright.” Was all you could say. ” Heather asked as you fidgeted slightly with the tape in your hands. It showed Crystal and Ryan, sitting on her bed, talking about what was happening to her and her family. You didn’t run off or start screaming at him in front of the client like a child. You sat down nervously, picking at a loose thread on your jacket cuff. You continued to kiss until you had to pull away for air, your head spinning from lack of. ” “So I can change into my pajamas.” “Fine.” He sighed, releasing his hold on your hips. Feeling two fingers lift your chin up, you were enveloped in a fiery kiss, right there in front of everyone. “So does this mean I made up your room for nothing?

You could feel his eyes on you, but you refused to look at him, opting instead to look at your feet. You shook your head no, looking at your feet again. “Oh.” “Yeah.” You said, getting up and heading to the car with Heather right behind you. The ride to the hotel was quiet, and when you arrived, you jumped out of the car and immediately headed up to Heather’s room to watch the video. You opened the door quietly and saw him sitting on the bed, still fully dressed with his head in his hands. She just…Launched herself at me.” “Ryan-” “She called me in there. I knew you didn’t like her but she was my client and I’m just too damn nice and-” You leaped and pushed him on the bed, lips pressed fiercely to his, straddling his waist and pinning his arms to the bed. One, I had proof it wasn’t him, and two, I love him, and never liked you.” You snorted. “With my heart and soul.” YOu smiled, kissing him on the nose.

You ran your fingers down his back lightly, eyes wide with horror. You let a few tears slip out onto his shirt before wiping his eyes and looking up at him.

Cupping his cheek in one hand, you said, “You are truly a remarkable man, Ryan Buell.” You let out a shuddery breath, looking up at the ceiling for a moment. But then you ran out of class after-” “The kiss because I thought it was just a joke.” You him off, “I really like you too Ryan. So I just kind of…moved along.” You looked down at your hand, blushing slightly at this admission.

He shined his flashlight in the direction you were looking. And we’ll be right back.” You murmured encouragingly, slipping your arm out of her grip. Ryan was standing protectively in front of you when you felt ice down your arm. We don’t see anything-” You jumped, startled as the door slammed shut behind you. ” Sergey started to say when the radio went silent. Nothing happened for a moment, then a scarping sound behind you wheeled you both around.You let him there for a few minutes, taking time to catch your breath from the adrenaline of the moment before turning to him and took off his shirt, turning him around to lift up the wife beater beneath it.“Oh my god, Ryan.” His entire back was blossoming into a giant bruise. You let him turn back around and launched yourself into his chest, careful not to slam his back into the tub.

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I called in Chip Coffey and Father Bob Bailey to bless the house.” Ryan said dully. Sorry.” She cut him off, getting into the car after you. You and Ry were supposed to share another.” You nodded and got up, walking to the room you and Ryan were sharing.