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Twitter not updating

According to Christi, Southwest, an early Twitter adopter, "had been blogging for more than a year when we discovered and joined Twitter in July 2007.

We were intrigued by its possibilities." Stats: 6,085 following/8,287 followers On 2009 promotional opportunities via Twitter: "We will do announcements on Twitter from events...posting pics/vids.

Morgan's high flying Twitter philosophy is to tweet as the community sees fit saying, "our role on Twitter is driven by the requests of our followers.

Twitter is a great way to talk to many, but even better for listening." Stats: 10,771 following/10,076 followers So why is Jet Blue tweeting?

We've handpicked 40 of the best brands experimenting with the micro-blogging platform, and asked them a few short questions about how they're using Twitter.

If some of their responses seem short, well that's because they are.

This piece, and the knowledge I learned from the incessant hours invested, demonstrate why brands do belong on Twitter.I like hearing personal stories about cars too." Most frequent tweet replies: "We get a lot of 'cool, thanks,' and 'where can I get more information on that car." Twitter Name: Alicia_at_Honda Official Tweeter: Meet Alicia Jones, she works in Corporate Affairs and Communications for the American division of this big shot car brand.: "Our goal would be to make ourselves available, help whenever possible, and to show that our brand is built by real people who care about our customers." Most interesting Twitter discussion: "Probably being asked what our policy was on furries following an exchange On plans to promote the account to passengers: "Short answer: no, we want to grow naturally with the Twitter audience, long answer: We know we're guests of the Twitter community.Inviting our own guests who might not understand how Twitter works, and only see it as a tool to talk to us is a bit presumptuous." A follow-up to the above question: "There are some rules and practices on Twitter that aren't immediately obvious to new users.

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(That’s a hard one to answer in 140 characters or less)." On whether or not he gets overwhelmed: "Not yet, but I sometimes get overwhelmed when I open my Twitter Search RSS feeds and see how many people are talking about any of my cars." On interesting (good and bad) replies: "There were many during the loan hearings with Congress.