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C.,” says Brian Howie, a 47-year-old Los Angeles-based director and producer and the author of “How to Find Love in 60 Seconds.” Both of his sisters met their husbands here. “There seems to be a lot of great men and a lot of great women and they seem to not want to be single,” Howie says.

People are goal-oriented enough that if they want to get married, they do. “And yet for some reason, there seem to be more of them than ever.” This is a serious problem.

By one estimate — a Census Reporter analysis of census data — 71 percent of D. residents are single, and that’s certainly not all by choice.

So, like many serious problems tackled in this city, it was addressed in the most Washington of ways: with a panel discussion.

Get ready for men and women alike to ask what college(s) you went to, what you studied, and how you plan to apply your degree to your career. So women, whip out your diploma and get ready to talk about the Ivies you got into. Women, you can also rest assured that your date will probably match. C., for all of its career-focus, is still a fit city.

Education and career are inevitable topics on pretty much any D. date, so if you don’t like these topics or are embarrassed of the school you went to, well … He’ll likely wear his suit from work, a polo/khakis combo, or a nice button-down. You have to walk a decent amount to get to and from work/the Metro station.

Your date will usually include some kind of outdoor activity in his/her list of hobbies, since they spend their weekend going on casual hikes, walks, runs, or more adventuresome activities. It’ll give you something fun to do as your relationship develops … If you don’t like people who drink, this isn’t your city. So if you spend the night, be ready for her to ask you to brunch tomorrow, where you’ll most likely go to Open City, Ted’s Bulletin, Founding Farmers, or one of those other massively popular spots with long lines and slow service. brunches have bottomless mimosas, a gluten-free menu, and cheekily named entrees that play on the names of past presidents, so get ready for a little bit of sass with your Sunday morning meal. They are more inclined to talk about where they studied abroad their junior year of college than the latest movie they saw.

assuming, of course, that you don’t mind the rampant mosquitos, the humidity, and the random torrential downpours characteristic of the region. Ever notice how Frank Underwood in “House of Cards” always seems to be pouring a glass of bourbon in the evening, and Claire loves her wine? C., where your job’s more bearable when you’ve got a drink in your hand. Brunching is serious business in most big cities; D. It’s about seeing and being seen, showing off your conquest from the night before, and maybe saying “hi” to some work colleagues at the table next to you (then gossiping about them when they turn away). So better hope you studied someplace chic like London, Paris, or Prague, because if you spent your year backpacking across Europe with dreads in your hair and five Euros in your pocket, your date probably won’t relate. is filled with fairly serious, studious people who will remind you of that kid in class who always had his/her hand raised and graduated with honors.

As with most singles events in Washington, yes, there were more women than men but not egregiously so. For the most part, the panelists — Howie and five local dating and relationship experts — tried to push past name-calling.Also worth noting, that girl you go out with will probably regularly attend a yoga/Soul Cycle class, and that guy will most likely love going for runs in Rock Creek Park. The CIA, NSA, and FBI are all conveniently located in and around Maryland, D. Still along the lines of being chic, classy, and consummately preppy, your date probably won’t be tatted up, with lots of piercings all over. There are people there who don’t work out, have incredible personal style, don multiple tattoos, and never went to college … In other words, when you find them, treasure them (if you like them of course) because they are rare creatures who you may not meet again. This is the city they come to, so if you can’t take the D. heat (which is very real, by the way), get out of the capital.So don’t be surprised when they can’t go out one night because they have a yoga class at that time. C., and Virginia, meaning a lot of the lovely folks you meet for dates will work there or have worked there. won’t always admit to liking, being from, or visiting California. A., they only care about how they look, the film industry, and diets. That usually doesn’t fly well when you work for a congressman or senator. Even dive bars are trendy with craft beers and a fairly clean environment. C., has beautiful architecture, fairly clean streets, and pretty great restaurants (especially in Northwest), meaning you and your date will be hard-pressed to find a grungy meet up spot (if that’s your scene). Jill is a freelance writer in the Washington, DC area with a background in international politics and film.They’ll casually tell you, when asked, that they work for “the government,” the Department of Defense, or “in linguistics,” and love that they are able to then leave you wanting more. You’ll find that many of your dates grew up in Virginia, a fairly classy southern state where some people talk like Frank Underwood in those honeyed, sweet southern drawls, and everyone loves pink, green, lacrosse, and rugby. In her free time, she enjoys shopping at Whole Foods, doing yoga, horseback riding, cooking and gardening.Sometimes, they’ll laugh and say, “If I tell you, I’ll have to kill you,” which is sort of funny, and kind of scary. Metro is littered with copies of The Washington Post. Men and women usually don’t have mohawks, brightly colored hair, or any of those “looks” you see at Coachella. So basically, all of those healthy things that people do to make up for binge watching Netflix, drinking red wine, and eating doughnuts.

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or even just someone to spend our nine months of winter with.

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